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Kommo integration

More than 50 completed projects
Setting up CRM, automating the sales department, connecting integrations and training employees to work in the system

About the integrator

Hello! My name is Vladimir, I am an integrator of Kommo. Over 4 years of work experience, I have implemented CRM in more than 50 companies from different countries, and the list is growing. My main advantages over other integrators are quality and availability.

I work alone without a dedicated sales department and a team of business analysts, so everyone, even the smallest business, can afford business process automation, thanks to the affordable prices for the services I offer.


amoCRM Kommo
Setting up Kommo from
120 €
Setting up sales funnels
Connecting users and setting rights
Additional fields for deal, contact and company
tasks salesbot задачи сейлзбот
Automation of business processes from 130 €
Automatic tasks
Setting up chatbots
Changing fields
callgear sipuni
Cloud telephony connection from
140 €
Integration and configuration of Sipuni or Callgear telephony for your sales department
document документооборот
Setting up electronic document management from 50 €
Electronic document management will allow you to reduce the time for generating and filling out a large number of documents
tilda тильда
Integration with Tilda website 40 €
Allows you to receive all requests from different forms on the website directly into Kommo
facebook instagram vkontakte whatsapp telegram
Integration with instant messengers, social networks and mail from 30 €
Connecting Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, WhatsApp, Telegram and various email services to communicate with clients
teaching обучение
Employee training from 20 €
Detailed training for employees to work in Kommo
консультация consultation
Consultation and selection of widgets from 15 €
Analysis and recommendations on existing business processes, as well as selection of ready-made solutions for automating the operation of the CRM system


solocrm солосрм
telegram телеграм
whatsapp ватсап
Contact with me:


Examples of ready-made commercial proposals
Basic setup
one-time payment
120 €
  • Audit
  • Project map
  • Setting up 1 sales funnel
  • Connecting 1 WhatsApp or Telegram channel
  • System training 1 hour
Advanced setup
one-time payment
260 €
  • Audit
  • Project map
  • Setting up 2 sales funnels
  • Connecting 1 WhatsApp or Telegram channel
  • Connecting 1 Instagram account
  • System training 2 hours

How is Kommo implemented?

By writing to me on WhatsApp or Telegram, you leave a request for implementation
In the process of communicating with you, we conduct an audit of your company’s business processes
Project map
Based on the data obtained from the business process audit, a project map is drawn up with a detailed description of all stages of sales and the necessary fields for the transaction, contact and company
After approval of the project map, the CRM system is implemented and configured
Separate training lessons on working in Kommo are held for sales managers and executives
Project delivery
After completion of all work, the client receives all access and recommendations for working with the CRM system


Privacy Policy

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Personal data means information related to the subject of personal data, in particular last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth, address, contact details (telephone, email address), family, property status and other data classified as personal data.

The purpose of processing personal data is the provision of services by the site.

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